Message of condolences on the death of the General Secretary of the Cyprus Peace Council Fanis Christodoulou

The Cyprus Peace Council (CPC) expresses its great sadness and shock over the death of its General Secretary Fanis Christodoulou. Fanis Christodoulou remained a devoted fighter for peace and social justice until the end.

He served as General Secretary of the CPC since the last CPC Congress in July 2017. Fanis Christodoulou represented the CPC in international missions and events within the framework of the World Peace Council, as well as the trilateral meetings between the peace movements of Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. During his tenure, he helped organize important anti-war mobilisations and actions of solidarity with peoples victims of imperialist aggression, such as Syria, Venezuela, Palestine, and others. One milestone was the organization of the 8th Pancyprian Peace March in 2018 to the British Bases at Akrotiri.

The CPC expresses its sincere condolences to Fanis’ family, his wife Emilia, his daughters Polina and Georgia and his relatives.

The funeral eulogy will be given by the President of the CPC Stelios Sofokli. The General Secretary of the World Peace Council Thanassis Pafilis, Nikos Zogas, Vice-President of the Greek Committee on International Detente and Disarmament and the WPC Secretariat will also attend the funeral.

Thursday, 6TH February 2020

The Secretariat of the CPC

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