Event dedicated to the 70 years of Cyprus Peace Council

On Saturday, October 12th, a celebration of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Pancyprian Peace Council (CyPC) was held in Nicosia. The program of the event was opened with the greetings of Andros Kyprianou, General Secretary of the C.C. of AKEL and Thanassis Pafilis, Secretary General of the World Peace Council. The event was followed by the main speaker of the event, Stelios Sofocli, President of the CyPC.

A special moment at the event was the awarding of the former Presidents and General Secretaries of the CyPC. Proudly, the CyPC honored those who have left their own legacy in its founding and struggles. Former Presidents and General Secretaries such as Panikos Paionidis, Donis Christofinis, Yiannakis Skordis, Sylva Tingiridou, Christos Kourtellaris gave their present at the event. Among those who honored are also Vassos Lyssaridis, Vassos Pouppis, Aris Georgiou, Stefanos Stefanou who didn’t succeed to attend at the event. The prize was received by their relatives who attended the event. Last but not least, relatives of former Presidents and Secretaries-General who have passed away, such as Yiangos Potamitis and Michalakis Olympios, gave their present.


The event ended with an art program that included poetry recitation by Andis Kanakis and a music program with Costas Nathaniel and Maria Leventi.

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Address by the General Secretary of the C.C. of AKEL A.Kyprianou

DSCN4748On behalf of the Central Committee of AKEL, I extend a warm greeting to the members of the Cyprus Peace Council (CPC).

Through you all we salute the thousands of fighters for peace in the years that have passed and in the years to come. We salute the struggles waged by our people against imperialism, against the murderers of the peoples, against those who carve up borders with the blood of millions of people.

“Let the pigeons fly, the great march begins,” was the signal for the great march to commence with Theodorakis, Dimitriadou, Ezekias and Partasides at the forefront, followed by thousands of people in October 1964. From there the great march continued its path in 1979, when thousands of voices again were heard loud throughout the whole island with the slogan “Cyprus belongs to its people, independent and demilitarized Cyprus”. “You will leave, pirates you will leave, this land does not want you, it does not know you,” the Poet’s emotive words were echoed by thousands of mouths on the great peace march of 1987. “Cyprus lives on, it breathes and struggles to the rhythm of freedom. and peace,” the Cyprus Peace Council affirmed in 1993 with the late General Secretary of AKEL Demetris Christofias at the forefront, with EDEK President Vasos Lyssarides, Kafkarides, Santorineou and with many other artists at its head. It continued up to 1999 when the whole of humanity rose up against the war in Yugoslavia, in 2002 with AKEL again in the front line, together with the Democratic Party DIKO, Socialist EDEK, the Ecologists, trade union ad women’s organizations, as well as numerous other organizations. The magnificent mass peace march organized in June 2018 reaffirmed that our people is still struggling against imperialism and that it stands unyieldingly against the bases of death, struggling for peace.

Every time the voice demanding the withdrawal of the bases, for peace to prevail in Cyprus and for friendship of the peoples in the world, gets stronger than ever.

For seven decades the Cyprus Peace Council has been giving a mass dimension to the struggle for peace and cooperation. Its foundation was clearly not accidental. Its establishment was imperative after World War II. It stemmed from the demand of the whole of humanity to prevent a nuclear war. Responding to this demand, the progressive movement of Cyprus founded the Cyprus Peace Council in 1949, which a few months later was one the co-founders of the World Peace Council.

Since then the Peace Council has been playing a leading role in the Cypriot people’s struggles. It played a leading role in the liberation of Cyprus from colonialism and in the struggle for freedom and self-determination. It later supported the independence of Cyprus. During the turbulent period of the inter-communal clashes, the Cyprus Peace Council fought to overcome the problems and restore the relations between the two Cypriot communities.

At the same time, the CPC made use of every podium, working to promote the internationalization of the Cyprus problem. The climax of this activity was the establishment of the International Committee of Solidarity with the struggle of the Cypriot people, which made an enormous contribution towards this end.

Since that time to date, the Cyprus Peace Council has been tirelessly continuing its struggles for Cyprus, Yugoslavia, Palestine, Syria and for the whole world. It struggles in solidarity with the people of Cyprus, with the peoples of the world fighting against imperialism, against war and predatory attacks. It struggles for peace, International Law, human rights and social justice to prevail.

With the momentum of its history, drawing strength from the ideology, activity and struggles of the People’s Movement, the Cyprus Peace Council is continuing its struggles today too. It has made a big contribution, but it has a lot more to offer. Together with AKEL and the mass organisations of the Left, together with all the peace-loving forces in the struggle to liberate Cyprus from the occupation, for the reunification of Cyprus and our people through the solution of bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with political equality as provided by the UN texts; a solution that will make Cyprus independent, sovereign and demilitarized.

Together with the forces fighting for peace in Cyprus and in the world so that the visions of all those who are struggling for a better world are vindicated.

For the world we are fighting for.

The world of peace and socialism.

All the best in your struggles!

Address by Thanasis Pafilis, General Secretary of the World Peace Council

IMG_4787Dear fellow – fighters of the Cyprus Peace Council, dear comrades and friends!

I am very pleased to be among you today to convey the World Peace Council’s militant greetings for the important 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Cyprus Peace Council, which was one of the founding members of the World Peace Council and until today has a leading role in the world anti-imperialist and peace-loving movement.

I convey a special greeting to the Turkish Cypriot fellow -fighters who participate in the Cyprus Peace Council and share the same dreams and aspirations for their common homeland with the Greek Cypriot fellow-fighters.

Today, of course, we are also celebrating the 70th anniversary of the World Peace Council, honoring the struggles and the sacrifices of thousands of fighters both in Cyprus and around the world.

We honor the heroes and fighters both of the founding years of the Cyprus Peace Council and the following periods, and we are especially pleased with the presence of significant personalities and fighters such as comrade Donis Christofinis who has dedicated his entire life to his party, AKEL, and to the anti-imperialist movement.

Nobody could imagine the Cyprus Council without the WPC or the opposite. The history of the two organizations is so interrelated, our relations as strong as our common values that lead us. When the WPC was established on April 21, 1949 in Paris, through the World Congress of Peace Partisans, taking over in 1950 the title as World Peace Council, the slogans that prevailed were: “Never again war – never again fascism” combined with the struggle of the peoples for a world without exploitation.

At that time, the people’s concern for the nuclear threat was intense, only a few years after the US imperialist crime in Hiroshima-Nagasaki, and it was not at all accidental, the WPC’s initiative with the Stockholm Appeal, which gathered over 400 million signatures. In the same year that our two organizations were established in 1949, NATO was also founded, supposedly in response to something that was created 4 years later, the Warsaw Pact. NATO, the armed wing of imperialism, with countless crimes in its history, including that of Cyprus, when it in 1971 at its Lisbon Summit discussed and prepared the double crime of the Athens Junta coup and the Turkish invasion in 1974. Since the very first moment of the invasion, the World Peace Council reacted by taking the initiative under the leadership of then President Romesh Chandra to set up the International Solidarity Committee with the  Cyprus People, with rich actions on all continents. This year, among other things, we honor the memory of this brilliant militant and internationalist, Romesh Chandra, in its 100th anniversary in eterrnity.

But NATO, which not only was not dismantled in 1991 but it expanded firstly to eastern Europe and today to all continents, continues its criminal and aggressive role as a “global policeman” serving faithfully the interests of the large capital, monopoly groups and multinational companies. Along with the European Union, its Euro-army, despite their contradictions for energy resources and routes, markets and spheres of influence between them, but also with Russia and China, NATO and the EU attack both the peoples and their rights in  their own states , as well as the peoples of the world. The World Peace Council continues its action and its campaign against NATO for its dismantling, the fight in the member states to be disengaged from it, but also for our firm opposition to its enlargement either in the Balkans, Scandinavia, Latin America or here in Cyprus, which the imperialists consider as their ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’. At the same time we are fighting for the abolition of all foreign military bases in the world, 90% of which are US- NATO bases, and we salute the struggle of the Cypriot people and the Cyprus Peace Council for the shut down of the British Bases in Cyprus, which along with Incirlik Base in Turkey and the Souda Base in Crete have been an “evil” imperialist triangle for all the imperialist aggressions and invasions in the Middle East and North Africa for the last 20 years.

Here I would like to highlight your firm position and action against the accession of Cyprus to the so-called “Partnership for Peace”, the “waiting room” of NATO, which, thanks also to the opposition of the late President of the Republic, Dimitris Christofias, did not proceed. Your slogan then and today CYPRUS NOT IN NATO – NOR NATO IN CYPRUS, is as relevant as ever.

The view and the practice of the governments of Cyprus and Greece in recent years and today for the formulation of axes and anti-axes along with Egypt and the Israeli killer state, but also under the high supervision of the US, comes to serve the interests of the bourgeois classes and especially the energy colossuses, which of course neither care about the sovereign rights of Greece nor of Cyprus. By posing the reassurance of your sovereign rights to the US, France and NATO is a risky, even fortunate, choice.

For those who tell us that NATO and the EU could guarantee the peace and the stability, we refer them both to the history of our peoples; from the NATO bombings and the dismantling of Yugoslavia in 1999, the crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, the coup d’ etats in Ukraine and their current plans against Venezuela and Cuba. But revelatory to the EU’s imperialist role is also the recent resolution of the European Parliament, which not only equates Nazism with Communism, as it has been attempted in the past, but it also falsifies the historical truth, claims that the USSR and the Red Army are responsible for World War II! So much is their hatred and sentiments of revenge, against the 20 million victims of the Soviet Union but also for the victory of the peoples against the fascism that was peaked with the raise of the Red Flag at the Reichstag in Berlin and the great Anti-Fascist Victory of the People in May 9, 1945.

Dear fellow fighters and friends

In its 70 years of life and action, the Cyprus Peace Council provides an example of selfless internationalist solidarity, having always and strongly supported the positions of the WPC, hosting dozens of initiatives and actions. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the Cyprus Peace Council is currently member of the World Peace Council’s Secretariat but also that it is preparing next March to host multiple events in Cyprus, at a trilateral, multilateral and international level, culminating in a meeting of the Executive Committee of WPC, which will declare among other things, the next WPC Assembly. The Cyprus Peace Council, while the Cypriot people themselves is also in a position to need the solidarity of other peoples and movements, demonstrates firmly and practically its own internationalist solidarity with peoples – victims of the imperialist aggression both in its neighborhood and all over the world. This is possible because the Cyprus Peace Council is based on the deeply rooted  relationship with the labor and popular movement in Cyprus.

The World Peace Council stands to the side of the people of Cyprus for the struggle to set an end to the occupation, for the reunification of the people and the country, for a Cyprus common homeland for all its children, truly independent, free from foreign bases, foreign armies, settlers, and patrons, a Cyprus with one sovereignty, one citizenship and one international personality, as described in the International Law and in the UN resolutions on Cyprus issue, but also in the relevant decisions and resolutions of the WPC. The World Peace Council supports your fight and condemns the gross violations of the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Cyprus by Turkey, which however have, directly or indirectly, the backs of powerful imperialist states, which in their words may stress their dissatisfaction with Turkey’s attitude, but in practice they prove hypocrisy and collusion,  a so-called neutrality, as they do in the case of the daily Turkish violations in the Aegean or even more strongly through their tolerance of Turkey’s military presence in Syria and Iraq.

The latest developments in Greece with the signing and renewal of the “Greece-US Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement” and the allocation of new military installations and bases in Alexandroupolis, Larissa, Stefanovikio (Volos), along with the old bases being developed in Souda, Aktio and Araxos, create a tight grid of Greece’s engagement to US and NATO imperialist plans. The current ND government had a relatively “easy task” after being worked out by SYRIZA all previous years, which had prepared our country as a vast US-NATO base, which is now being completed with even quicker steps. The massive opposition and condemnation of Mike Pompeo’s weekend visit to Athens, but also the demonstrations and marches of EEDYE and the workers’ movement in several cities, despite authoritarianism and  Riot Police attacks, sent a significant message both inside the country and to other countries. And the fight will be continued decisively to shut down the US-NATO bases, to stop the participation of the Greek armed forces in imperialist missions abroad.

Dear fellow – fighters for Peace, dear comrades and friends

70 years since the establishment of the Cyprus Peace Council and World Peace Council, the international correlation of forces is maybe not in favor of the peoples and their rights; the enemy of our dreams and aspirations appears and apparently is strong, but yet the peoples have not said their last word. Imperialism is not invincible! The peoples of the world can counterattack, fight organized and coordinated for the victory and the creation of a world without imperialist wars and exploitation, with peoples masters in their homeland.

Long live the 70 Years of the Cyprus Peace Council!

Speech by Stelios Sofokli, President of the CPC



Friends of peace,

Dear guests,

IMG_47892019 is a significant year. On the one hand we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Cyprus Peace Council, one of the founding members of the World Peace Council, which we also celebrate its Seventy Years, as well as 124 other peace movements and committees. On the other hand, in the same year, the imperialist forces, headed by the US and EU, will celebrate in December 2019 in London, the 70th anniversary of NATO, the most bloodthirsty and predatory organization ever created.

1945 was the year of the bloodiest victory of the peoples, of the victory over German Nazism, Italian fascism and Japanese militarism. This victory would not have been possible without the Soviet Union and the Red Army crushing the Hitler military machine.

With the defeat of fascism, the peoples could breathe. They believed that the world could live and develop in peace. The peoples of the colonies with their participation in this Victory, with the wind of Freedom that was blowing, through their struggles and with the support of the Soviet Union, began to gain their independence. With the foundation of the United Nations and the signing of its Charter, the peoples were aspiring to a new world, a world of Peace, Freedom and Justice.

At this point I would like to express the boundless appreciation, honor and admiration to all the Cypriots who joined the Allied forces, who fought, distinguished themselves on the battlefields, and gave their lives to free humanity from the scourge of fascism-Nazism.

These brothers and sisters were also the pioneers for the founding of the World and Cyprus Peace Council. World War II veterans together with the peoples of the world voiced a big YES TO PEACE – NO TO WAR, Never again war which, in today’s conditions will mean the end of human existence and at the same time the existence of the planet today because the next war will be a nuclear one.

The “struggle for peace”, as brother Aris Georgiou said at the 55th anniversary celebrations of the CPC “is not some autonomous isolated action” and I add today that it is a class struggle; a struggle against the main enemy of the peoples, namely imperialism.

Dear friends, Fellow-fighters,

Fascism was defeated on the battlefield in 1945, and Bertolt Brecht warned, “Don’t rejoice that you have killed the beast, the dog that gave birth to it is alive and is again fermenting.” Today, in 2019, fascism has spread throughout Europe as a result of degeneration of this very “bourgeois democracy”, the inability of bourgeois governments to solve the real problems of the peoples. Unemployment, exploitation, the increasing number of homeless people, young people’s concerns, environmental problems and the breakdown of social cohesion. They have thus prepared the ground for the fascist demagogues, born out of the capitalist – imperialist system.

The responsibility of imperialism is enormous for the growth of fascist parties in Europe. Let us not forget the Nazi “Golden Dawn” in Greece and the “good kids” of ELAM – according to the Archbishop of Cyprus.

It is our debt to fight vigorously to bring peace closer. We do not accept that wars are the future of humanity. No effort is futile.

Brothers and Sisters, Fellow-fighters,

The Cyprus Peace Council for 70 years has been on the path of struggle based on the principles and ideals of peace, solidarity, democracy, justice and progress, taking an active part in the struggles of the World Peace Council, for universal peace that will block the path of imperialism and to a nuclear holocaust.

The relations of the Cyprus Peace Council with the World Peace Council have been forged through common struggles for our common ideals. Comrade Donis Christofinis writes in one of his articles in September 2004: “The Cyprus Peace Council and the people of Cyprus are grateful to the World Peace Council for its invaluable support towards the struggle of our people, especially after the fascist coup and the Turkish invasion”.

The World Peace Council was the first to denounce the coup and Turkish invasion internationally. In 1975 it set up in London the International Committee of Solidarity towards Cyprus (DEAK) chaired by Romesh Chandra from India, and Eugenia Kiranova from Bulgaria as General Secretary. DEAK organized International Solidarity Conferences with Cyprus in Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris, Athens, Sofia, Vienna, Prague and Nicosia. Unfortunately for various organizational reasons, DEAK has been inactive.

The CPC, in due course, honored friends and fighters for the rights of the Cypriot people Romesh Chandra and Eugenia Kiranova.

Dear friends, Fellow-fighters,

Since its establishment, the CPC has been continuously participating in World Peace Council conferences and has been elected to the Presidential Committee and the Executive Secretariat of the WPC. It was first elected to the World Peace Council Secretariat at the 2012 Congress in Kathmandu, Nepal and was re-elected in 2016 at the WPC Congress in Brazil. This demonstrates the appreciation that the WPP enjoys among the global family of peace-loving and anti-imperialist movements around the world. The WPC takes an active part in all the campaigns and international meetings of the World Peace Council, such as:

The World Peace Conference in Athens in 2000.

The Solidarity and Cooperation Conference of the Mediterranean in Marseille,

Inter-Balkan Conferences in Patras.

The European Conference on Peace in the Balkans.

The European Peace Forum.

The Belgrade Forum for an Equal World, on the NATO crimes in Yugoslavia in 1999.

The International Peace Conference in Turkey.

Participation in the Solidarity Mission in Palestine/Israel in September 2011.

Participation in the Forum to support the Syrian People in Damascus in October 2018 and participation in the Crete mobilization in May 2017 against US/NATO bases in Souda.

At the First International Conference against US and NATO Foreign Military Bases in November 2018 in the Irish capital, organized by the US and Irish peace movements, actively supported by the World Peace Council. The Steering Committee, taking into account the action of the CPC, made a proposal to the WPC to organize the Second International Conference in Cyprus.

The CPC is present in all the anti-NATO mobilizations that take place on the day the imperialists celebrate its foundation. The Lisbon, Strasbourg, Brussels, London, Warsaw marches and elsewhere remain unforgettable.

The Cyprus Peace Council actively participates in the World Peace Council Regional Meetings in Europe. We hosted some of its sessions here in Cyprus.

As part of its solidarity with the peoples of the Middle East, the CPC hosted meetings of the Middle East movements.

Regarding our activity in Cyprus, it is rich in interventions on developments in Cyprus and our region. On numerous occasions we have demonstrated in front of the American, Israeli and British embassies, protesting against the bombings and massacres committed in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine and Yemen, expressing our solidarity with them. We have also been in front of EU offices protesting about the apathy and criminal neutrality it is displaying.

Dear friends, Fellow-fighters,

Following the good practice of the mass organisations of the Left in Cyprus, the CPC is developing bilateral and multilateral meetings with other parties and organizations. It has organized trilateral meetings between the Cyprus Peace Movement, the Greek Committee for International Reconciliation and Peace and the Peace Committee of Turkey. These are already an important custom and have been placed under the auspices of the World Peace Council, which shows the particular importance attached to them.

These meetings are not just high-level meetings. It is a great gathering of the peoples. It is a meeting of those who are willing to raise a voice of resistance to the plans seeking to divide the peoples. It is a meeting of those who want to take a stand against war, poverty and destitution; who want to raise their voice against the so-called US, NATO and several EU “humanitarian” missions that are essentially massacring the peoples with the aim of exploiting their wealth.

These meetings are particularly important because people focus on what unites them and not on what separates them artificially. These meetings provide an opportunity for the Peace Movements of the three countries, with respect to the particularities and local conditions and positions, to share experiences and coordinate their action.

So far, there have been 8 rotating meetings and the 9th Meeting is scheduled for early 2020 in Cyprus.

Through these meetings, for the first time, friends from the Peace Movement of Turkey have visited the occupied territories. In 2012 a wreath was laid in the memory of Misiaoulis and Kavazoglou by a leading member of the Peace Movement from Turkey. In 2014, in the year of Israel’s Second War in Gaza, on the initiative of the CPC, a solidarity visit was held to the occupied Palestinian territories, with the participation of the CPC, the EYDF, the Turkish Peace Committee and the World Peace Council.

Dear friends, Fellow-fighters,

The culmination and milestones in the anti-imperialist struggle of the CPC, the People’s Movement and of the People of Cyprus were and are the nine great Peace Marches.

The first mass peace march with the slogan “Not an inch of Cypriot territory for terrible cancer of the bases” took place on October 11, 1964 with the participation of over 100,000 men, women and children. Heading the march was Mikis Theodorakis, Ourania Kokkinou, Ezekias Papaioannou General Secretary of AKEL, the Mayor of Limassol, the entire AKEL leadership, representatives of all parties and organizations. The march started from the temple of Apollo at Episkpopi of Limassol and marched to the city centre.

The 2nd Peace March took place on June 3, 1979 from Kourio to Limassol

On June 12, 1983, in the 3rd Peace March, the great friend of Cyprus and World Peace Council President Romesh Chandra addressed a militant greeting, marching from Akrotiri to the Limassol Public Garden.

The 4th Peace March took place on April 5, 1987 from Larnaca towards the British base in Dekelia.

On 5th November 21, 1993 with the slogan “Cyprus lives, breathes and struggles to the rhythm of Freedom and Peace”, again marching from Larnaca to Dekelia.

On the 6th Peace March on May 16, 1999 the Cypriot people in one of the most militant marches from Xylotimbu to Larnaca chanted “No to NATO’s neo-barbaric war against Yugoslavia”. Romesh Chandra and Mikis Theodorakis addressed the crowds.

On September 29, 2002 at 7th Peace March, our people marched peacefully against the antennas. The march was headed by the General Secretary of AKEL and President of the House of Representatives Demetris Christofias.

The 8th Peace March took place on June 10, 2018, from Kolossi to the Akrotiri British Base. Thousands of Cypriots, both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, took part under the slogan “We are marching for peace”. The biggest number of delegations of peace movements from Europe and the Middle East that ever participated in a peace march in Cyprus took part in this march. Present was Thanasis Pafilis WPC Secretary, Zinadin Jovanovic, former Yugoslav Foreign Minister, Francis Wurtz, former President of the European United Left-Nordic Green Left GUE/NGL in the European Parliament, a representative of the Greek peace movement, representatives of the British Peace Council, the Palestinian Peace and Solidarity Committee, the Peace and Solidarity Committee of Israel, the Syrian National Peace Council, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation, the Organization for the Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America, the peace movement from Spain, numerous militants of the mass organisations  and thousands of people. The keynote address was made by the General Secretary of the C.C. of AKEL Andros Kyprianou and the President of the CPC, as well as greetings by all the guests.

Friends, Fellow-fighters,

The Cyprus problem is one of the key areas of the CPC’s struggle. Since its establishment, the CPC has been struggling together with the mass organisations of the Left of Cyprus for a democratic, peaceful Cyprus for all its inhabitants. A demilitarized Cyprus, truly independent without bases and armies, without guarantors and patrons, a Cyprus in which, just like other independent UN member states, the island’s inhabitants themselves will decide for their future and path of development.

Especially after the coup d’état and the invasion, we are fighting for a peaceful and viable solution to the Cyprus problem, as we have described it in the first article of our Statutes, for the development of anti-war sentiment and a spirit of peace among the Cypriot people, and for the withdrawal of the Turkish troops and the abolition of foreign bases and the complete demilitarization of Cyprus.

The CPC is fighting for a reunified homeland and people in a Bi-zonal, Bi-communal Federation with a single sovereignty, a single citizenship, and a single international personality with political equality as set out in the relevant UN resolutions.

And something that, in my opinion, is the most important for the path of the CPC. Without a strong popular movement in Cyprus, neither in 1949 could a strong peace movement be established in Cyprus, nor today could it continue to have the power and prestige it has.

Dear friends, we are continuing the struggle with the vision of a new peaceful life.

Long live the 70 years of the Cyprus Peace Council!

Long live Peace!

Long live Justice!

Long live International Solidarity!

Address by Aris Georgiou, former President of the Cyprus Peace Council

(Delivered by George Georgiou, son of Aris Georgiou)

DSCN4833I salute and congratulate the Cyprus Peace Council (CPC) on its 70th anniversary with deep appreciation.

Throughout the 70 years of its existence and activity, the CPC has written history by waging multifaceted struggles for peace in the world and in Cyprus, for democracy and social justice, to ensure elementary living conditions for all people, for the protection and development of culture, the respect of the environment and for life to continue to exist on our planet.

The defence of guidelines and noble humanitarian values deserves every effort. The struggles to uphold these values have never been easy.

The suppression of such values drastically undermines the foundations of all this abhorrent exploitative system of capitalism, the system of barbaric exploitation of the many by the very few. This is the system which does not hesitate to launch wars and proceed to carry out bloody massacres with the loss of a multitude of lives just to serve the economic interests of these very few.

This explains their ruthless response to struggles waged to defend humanitarian values ​​and ideals that guide the Peace Movement and all progressive people. That’s why these struggles have been and are always difficult.

These struggles are becoming even more difficult today because of the domination of the most reactionary and militarist circles in the United States, who have now found their spokesman and servant in the figure of the current US President.

In these difficult and grim times, the need for all progressive and thinking people to rally together and defend the ideals of the Peace Movement is becoming more imperative.

All those who have marched and are marching together in the noble struggles of the Peace Movement and the struggles of other similar and fraternal organizations and movements are entitled to feel proud, and have the right to view themselves and their fellow human beings with honor and dignity as they have chosen to side with the right side of History.

As for me personally? I would like to say that I consider myself very fortunate to have had the honor of serving both as President and an ordinary member of the CPC.

And I would also like to say a big thank you to the CPC for its kind decision to honor us today.

And with our thanks, we also extend our warmest wishes for every success in the actions and struggles of the CPC.


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