Anti-war mobilization on Syria outside the US Embassy, April 16, 2018

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We Cypriots, both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, and other peace-loving Cypriots, who have responded to the call issued by the Cyprus Peace Council and have gathered today on 16 April 2018 outside the US Embassy, declare the following:

We denounce in the strongest possible terms the missile and air strikes against Syria, which took place in the morning of April 14, carried out by the US-Britain-France. The unproven use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army as a pretext for the military operation of these states does not justify the attack in any way, indeed without an on the ground investigation by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) having been preceded.

We denounce this action as a crime against the Syrian people and as a flagrant violation of the sovereignty, territorial integrity of Syria; as an interference in the internal affairs of the Syrian state and its national rights. The governments of the United States, Britain and France with these military attacks violate International Law and the Charter of the United Nations.

We demand an end to the continuing attack against the Syrian people, which has lasted for seven years. This ongoing attack is worsening the already volatile situation in the region of the Middle East and strengthens the actions of extremist terrorist organizations, including the murderous “Islamic State”.

We demand the end of the use of Cyprus as a launching pad base for waging war attacks in our region. The conversion of the British bases into a launching pad for carrying out military raids, as is the case against Syria too, cannot continue. The existence and use of the British bases is proving to be criminal for the peoples of the region, given that military forces launch raids spreading death in our neighborhood. We also demand the non-use of the infrastructures of the Republic of Cyprus for any military operation. The long-standing position of the Cyprus Peace Council is the dissolution of the British bases in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. Furthermore, we demand the respect of our people’s peace-loving feelings, the respect for our territorial integrity and sovereignty and for our people’s will for peace and justice in Cyprus and the world.

We call on the international community to act swiftly in such a way so that the Syrian problem is resolved through political and peaceful means. We demand respect for International Law and the UN Charter.




Nicosia, April 16, 2018


Speech by Stelios Sofokli, President of the Cyprus Peace Council, at the protest meeting against Syria outside the US Embassy


Dear friends and fellow fighters for peace,

Dear fellow combatants in the anti-imperialist struggle for the inalienable democratic right of the peoples to live in peace and freedom in their countries without any foreign interventions and the constant fear of raids, wars, death and destruction caused by the NATO imperialist powers headed by the United States America.

This is the reason why we have once again gathered here in front of the US Embassy to yet again demonstrate our opposition to the mania of these countries, like the mania of the missionaries in the past through their own religion, to impose their own type of “democracy” on all other states. They tried to do so many times and have failed miserably.

We, dear friends and peace-lovers, have gathered here today to denounce with all our strength the destructive raid carried out with “smart” missiles, as Mr. Donald Trump calls them – the President of the most dangerous country in the world – against the Syrian people and Syria, a UN member state. This action was projected as retaliation for the supposed use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people, as the three members of the Security Council who carried out the attacks were claiming without providing any evidence that this supposed use was made by the Syrian government’s army and indeed just a few hours before the on the ground investigation of the Chemical Weapons Organization was due to begin.

The Cyprus Peace Council considers that the attack waged by the US and its allies in all respects constitutes an insane and vicious imperialist action violating the Charter of the United Nations.

The Cyprus Peace Council, just like all fighters for peace, unequivocally states that it denounces any use of weapons of mass destruction – nuclear, chemical or biological. This is a position that the World Peace Council has upheld since its foundation in 1949. However, we cannot accept fabricated information based on photographs or videos of dubious origin, without any investigation and documentation, as pretexts for the carrying out of any form of intervention, military in particular.

Dear friends,

Our memory is still fresh from the fabricated examples of the so-called “conclusive evidence” that was used for waging war and raids in Iraq and Libya; raids that effectively destroyed these countries, resulting in the creation of the repugnant organization of ISIS. This organization was subsequently funded by the US, Turkey, various European countries and the reactionary caliphates of the Persian Gulf with the ultimate aim of dividing Syria and seizing the country’s energy resources, safeguarding at the same time the transportation routes from the Persian Gulf to European countries and America itself. The tragic irony is that the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, but also the US Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs at that time, after having slaughtered more than 200,000 Iraqi citizens, announced with an indescribable cynicism “sorry guys, we didn’t find such chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, it was a mistake’. When will they be brought to justice?

Dear friends,

Let us recall, however, which country dropped first atomic bombs; which country first developed nuclear weapons; which country spread death for years in Vietnam by dropping chemical and biological weapons, while simultaneously destroying vast areas of Vietnam’s arable land and forests; which country used depleted uranium in the predatory aggression against Yugoslavia and did the same in Iraq too. It is the country of “Mister America first”. When and who will judge at long last and condemn this country, together with all its governments since the end of the Second World War to date?

Fellow fighters for peace, the Cyprus Peace Council once again expresses our disappointment, but also our anger over the UN Secretary-General Mr. Antonio Guterres’ timid stand towards the pirate imperialist raids carried out by the NATO countries, members of the UN Security Council, against the Syrian people and against Syria which is a member of the UN itself. The Cypriot people is looking towards to these countries as well to help towards achieving peacefully a solution of the Cyprus problem. I hope and wish dear friends that these countries won’t help as they “helped” the Syrian people or as they “helped” the peoples in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya.

As for the European Union’s official position, we didn’t have any illusions that it wouldn’t support their NATO associates, given that it had already transformed the European Union of the Monopolies and Banks into a permanent collaborator/accomplice of NATO’s imperialist wars. The statement made by Mr. Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, expressing his unwavering support to the US, British and French imperialists, permanent members of the UN Security Council, was for us given. Furthermore, forces and circles pin their hopes for a just, peaceful and “European” solution to the Cyprus problem on these very forces.

Dear friends,

We denounce and condemn the use of the British Bases as a launching pad for the predatory raids carried out against the Syrian people. The Cyprus Peace Council, faithful to its long-standing position for the dissolution of British bases in Cyprus, but also of all the foreign bases in the Mediterranean, urgently again brings to the fore the issue of the struggle for the dissolution of the British bases as a destabilizing factor on our island and the region in general. This is not the first time they are being used for raids against countries and peoples in our region. We can no longer perceive a just and peaceful solution to the Cyprus problem with the British bases on our island.

We denounce the statement repeated by the Anastasiades government that Cyprus is not involved in this war and that Cyprus is safe. Furthermore, we also denounce the most “imaginative” statement made by the government spokesman that “the bases are bases”. Or the statement made by the former DISY leading official and Foreign Minister who stated that “the bases aren’t some children’s camp”. Such positions expressed by current and former government officials imply tacit consent and support for the use of the British bases for the carrying out of aggressive raids. At the same time they reveal a great hypocrisy dear friends when one makes such statements at the same time as every single day children, women and helpless elders are being killed in our very own neighborhood and an entire country is being destroyed.

The very moment we are denouncing the attack on Syria, the President of the Republic Mr. Anastasiadis is meeting with the Turkish Cypriot leader, Mr. Akinci, to find out whether they will be able to start the negotiations again in the hope that this time the procedure will be found for a lasting and peaceful solution of the Cyprus problem to the benefit of both communities, so that the complete demilitarization of Cyprus is also agreed. Then, united, the Cypriot people will demand the dissolution of the British bases.

Every people can make its own contribution to the resistance. The same is true for our own people too, no matter how small in number. It is the same people who wrote history in the Anti-fascist struggle of the Second World War. It is this people, both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, who asserted and won labour gains through the waging of fierce class struggles during colonial times.

Therefore, no people should follow with apathy the countdown towards a third world war. Let us not become the last people in humanity’s history.

The Cyprus Peace Council supports a just solution that will serve the interests of the working people in Cyprus, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Latins, Maronites and Armenians; a solution where our children will enjoy together in peace the beauty of our sea, mountains, valleys, as well as our popular heritage and culture.

Dear friends and fellow fighters for peace,

Peace is the result of the respect for International Law, not the prevalence of the law of the mighty. But peace in our region is anything but prevalent. What is in fact flourishing is uncertainty, insecurity, the undermining of International Law, and imperialist barbarism, which is why the Peace Movement has a duty to grow stronger and be at the forefront of the real anti-imperialist struggle for just and lasting peace.

With our meeting, we reaffirm our support and solidarity with the Syrian people. Almost 40% of Cyprus has for 44 years been under Turkish occupation. Part of Syria is also under Turkish occupation and Turkey’s President is threatening to expand its occupation in Syria. Refugees exist in both countries. Our problems and enemy are common. It is imperialism. The struggles of the Cypriot and Syrian people are in parallel and are being waged against the same enemy. We are opposed to the plans of imperialism to divide Syria and the Middle East in general; plans that are spreading death every day and plunging the peoples into misery and poverty.

The only way ahead for the peoples is to struggle against imperialism. The peoples are called upon to unite their forces and intensify their actions for world peace and social justice to prevail. We strong believe that only by defending peace and fighting the root causes of wars can we secure the future of the peoples throughout the world.

Down with War!

Long live the friendship of the peoples!

Solidarity with the Syrian people!


Greeeting of Nikolas Papadimitriou, President of World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) 

Dear Compatriots,

On behalf of the World Federation of Democratic Youth I address a militant greeting to the current anti-war demonstration which is organized under the slogan “Hands off Syria”. WFDY has already called its members around the world to join hands with the peace movement and to pioneer in every demonstration against imperialism and for peace in Syria, and to condemn with the strongest way the military attack on Syria from the United States of America, Great Britain and France. With this attack, the imperialists have once again demonstrated that in order to satisfy their goals, they do not hesitate to commit any crime. In this case, their real aim is to control Syria’s rich resources and energy sources.

Once again, NATO forces disrespected the territorial integrity of a sovereign state and tried to impose the “justice” of the mighty through aggression and war. They violated  the international law and the Charter of the United Nations. Their actions show their efforts either to impose their own international order or to side-line the international law with their own agenda so as to preserve their hegemony against other forces.

Dear Friends,

We are not demonstrating today against a “new” war, as it is exactly the same war that has been taking place against the people of Syria for seven years now. It is the same war that has led to the bloodshed of the Syrian people with hundreds of thousands of dead, injured and missing, as well as millions of refugees. Humanity is experiencing yet another drama created by Western imperialism, who in order to secure its geopolitical interests, did not hesitate to use terrorism and fascism.

Dear Compatriots,

The Cypriot people, a victim itself of the imperialist aggression, cannot sit with crossed hands when the imperialists slaughter the peoples of the region, especially by the moment that they use Cypriot land for that purpose. We also have a duty to send a strong anti-imperialist message of peace from our divided country. A message of support and solidarity with the Syrian people.

Hands off Syria, NO more blood, NO more wars! Long live peace and friendship of the peoples!


Greeting of Skevi Koukouma, Vice-President of the Women International Democratic Federation (WIDF)

On behalf of the Women International Democratic Federation (WIDF), we salute everyone all over the world demonstrating against the new attacks carried out by the US and its allies against Syria.

Our presence today is the least we can do for the neighboring people of Syria who is being massacred and uprooted in its own homeland, while its country is being destroyed every day for the sake of the energy and geopolitical plans of the West and the interests of the arms industries.

It is the minimum debt to the consciousness of each and every one of us here that when we hear Donald Trump, Teresa May or Emmanuel Macron speak of “peace,” “democracy” and “human rights” we know that they are preparing new wars and raids. The same things were being said by their predecessors concerning Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Why are these forces and circles who pretend to care about democracy doing business and selling billions of arms and weapons to the medieval regime of Saudi Arabia?
  • One wonders, how comes these forces searching for illegal weapons of mass destruction sites haven’t seen for decades the illegal nuclear arsenal of Israel?

Dear friends,

Of course, we must recall that the attack on Syria the day before yesterday represented yet another new episode in this dirty war that has been drenching our neighboring country in blood for the past seven years. And of course, perhaps in a war waged by all sides bombs do kill, but not everyone is guilty of starting this massacre. The guilty, namely the attackers, have a specific name.

  • Those quilty are the US and their allies in the Gulf Monarchies. They were the ones who armed and funded the Jihadist groups with the goal of achieving the overthrow of the Assad government. Besides it is from these very groups that the murderous formation of the “Islamic State” sprang from.
  • NATO is guilty. The Alliance congratulated Turkey for constituting a “force of stability” in our region when the Erdogan government itself armed and funded the “Islamic State” to subsequently turn it against the Syrian government and the Kurds of Syria. It is NATO that is guilty, which considers Turkey’s illegal invasion of Arfin Syria as “a defensive operation carried out against terrorism”
  • The European Union too is guilty. The European Union, in 2014, with its unanimous decisions and with the agreement of the Anastasiades government, permitted the sale of weapons to the Syrian opposition, but also the purchase of oil from areas controlled by the opposition, thereby stoking the fires of war and adopting an open position in the war.

That’s why we do not believe the fairy tales of Trump, May and their allies.

That is why we demand that the Anastasiades government must at least take a stand against the war and Cyprus’ involvement of Cyprus.

Unfortunately, this Government doesn’t dare disagree with the Western attack on Syria.

That is why we defend the territorial integrity and unity of Syria.

That is why we need peace and an end to all of foreign interventions in Syria.

That is why we are demonstrating against this war and every war.

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