We denounce the invasion of the Turkish army into Syria! We denounce the fascist attack on the offices of the Turkish Cypriot newspaper “Afrika”!

The Cyprus Peace Council strongly denounces the Turkish army’s new invasion into Syria, aimed at striking the Kurdish regions. The Turkish army’s invasion of Syria is taking place as the efforts to convene a summit in Sochi, Russia, at the end of January are reaching a climax, in order to give a chance for reaching a political solution that will ensure peace, security and stability in Syria.

The Turkish army’s invasion is taking place at a time when efforts are underway to discuss the possibility of reaching a political solution to the crisis that has plagued the Syrian people for five years through the convening of an international meeting involving representatives of all the political and religious formations of Syria, as well as representatives of the Syrian lawful government and the Syrian opposition.

This crisis, of course, is the result of the imperialist plans to impose a “New Greater Middle East” and in particular the involvement of the American, Turkish and authoritarian Gulf monarchist regimes. It is very well known who created and supported the Islamic State (IS) in Syria. The result of this war is the destruction of most of the country’s infrastructure, the death of hundreds of thousands of people, especially women and children, and the creation of millions of refugees, both inside and outside the country.

At a time when the IS has very nearly been defeated and with it imperialism’s policy suffering a blow, and while a degree of normality has  begun to gradually reemerge in some regions in the country, the long announced Turkish invasion of the Kurdish region of Syria, Afrín, took place spreading yet again destruction and the death of dozens of civilians. The Cyprus Peace Council calls on the UN Security Council not to remain impartial, to denounce Turkey’s invasion of Syria and to exert pressure on all the involved parties to proceed as soon as possible to a procedure for solving the Syrian problem.

Meanwhile in Cyprus, the Turkish Cypriot newspaper “Afrika” had the courage, with the Turkish Cypriot journalist Sener Levent at the forefront, to name what the Turkish President Erdogan cynically termed an “olive branch” the military operation against Syria as an invasion. Indeed he courageously dared to parallel it with the 1974 Turkish invasion in Cyprus. The President of Turkey, outraged by these references made by “Afrika”, gave the go ahead to the same fascist elements that he uses from time to time in Turkey to suppress all those who disagree with his internal and external policies, to take to the streets of occupied Nicosia. It is these fascist elements that attacked the offices of the newspaper “Afrika” and threatened its editor-in-chief the journalist Sener Levent.

The Cyprus Peace Council denounces these fascist methods being enforced by Erdogan’s supporters in occupied Cyprus, that are aiming to terrorize all the progressive Turkish Cypriots who want to decide for themselves their own future, which is the peaceful solution of the Cyprus problem far from occupying forces and “guardians”. The Cyprus Peace Council expresses its sympathy and support with all the progressive Turkish Cypriots who are resisting Turkey’s invasion of Syria and are struggling to disengage Cyprus from Turkey, aiming at the solution and reunification of the country far from armies and “guardians”. Finally, we support the mobilizations that are being organized these days by the progressive forces of the Turkish Cypriots in the occupied territories for peace and democracy.


Thursday, 25th January 2018

The Secretariat of the CPC

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